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I am looking for a tire carrier like this. I live in Vancouver,B.C and will be traveling down the coast to San Francisco soon and was wondering if there is a dealer on the way down I could get one? thx in advance.


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    @Mikeotto, the pic you posted is of a Dutchman [email protected] Is that the make of your tàb? Or do you own a Pleasant Valley/Nucamp [email protected]? I understand from a previous thread that the tire mount in your picture is no longer manufactured, however, I'm sure there are any number of fabrication shops that can duplicate or fabricate anything you want. The only impediment is $$$$. If anyone has info to augment or debunk my info, please post up! Whatever you choose to do, good luck and happy [email protected]!
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    Yes that mount was made for the Dutchman Tab, and is no longer made.

    I ordered that one from the manufacturer, one of the last that he had on hand, and it wouldn't fit on our newer Little Guy Tab, so I returned it.

    If you search the forum a bit for tongue mount or a-frame spare tire carrier, you might find some examples of what's currently available, 'off the shelf'.
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    Yes mine is a 2007 Dutchman unit. I know the frames are different. The frame would twist using a side mount system. I did not know that the setup in the pic was not made anymore.
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    Well you might contact the guy that made them. I had the impression that he made them in his spare time or something. 
    That was in 2013, but he might still have a couple left...
    It was Jason Georgiades, at J.G. Works LLC - troposmfg.com edit: it looks like the website is defunct now
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