I have had this toolbox I made up on this 1999 Jeep front bumper for more than 15 years. It is made from black Starboard. It has an alarm if top is opened. It is so rugged you can stand or several folks can sit on it. This sure is not for everyone, (used to own a diesel repair garage for 31 years) and this was my back up vehicle. The extra weight on the front bumper helps balance out the tong weight from the [email protected] The Jeep has an air tank under it & a 12 volt compressor. I travel very light with the [email protected], no spare, propane, or tong jack, or water in or on the [email protected] I have made two 3,000 trips and many short trips. This means the [email protected] is well under the 2,000 pounds which the Jeep can handle and be legal. I am not recommending everyone use a Jeep 2 door for a TV. Some folks should not even tow with a Hummer! I have a perfectly clean CDL licence & want to keep it that way. If you keep all safety things like adjust your brakes, check all tires & electrical connections to the trailer there is no problem towing as long as you don't load up the [email protected] which you can do VERY quickly. I hope to travel with some TABBERS on some trips & if a mechanic should be needed in the group I will gladly do all I can. Art
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  • 4ncar4ncar Posts: 374Member
    I really like this.  I have an 09 4 door rubi that I used to use for my TV, but still use it for “service” as well as off reading trips.  I may give your genius some serious thought!
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    4ncar, I feel that the tools mounted on the front bumper have come in much more handy than a winch but I don't off road. I do not have the OEC bumper, It has a 2 inch receiver on the front as I live on the water and like to launch the boat from the front into the swamp. Wonder if I could push one [email protected] down the road while pulling another from the rear. LOL Good camping to you. Art
    2016 cs-s
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