Installation of inverter at nüCamp?

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  • When you say "upgrades" in Sugar Creek, do you mean at the Factory?  I called NuCamp yesterday to see if I could get the inverter installed in our brand new 2018 [email protected] 400, and the person who answered the phone told me they don't work on trailers and that I had to find a dealer to do it.  I was just hoping to get it done so it looks like it came with the trailer.  Unfortunately we bought ours on vacation in Florida and live in Indiana so going back to the dealer we bought at isn't really an option at this point.
    2018 [email protected] 400
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  • VernaVerna Posts: 4,635Administrator
    @Travels_with_delaney, normally you can schedule repairs with nüCamp. If you spoke to the Repair Department, maybe they didn’t understand, or maybe they have changed their policy. If you didn’t speak with the repair department, please call again.

    You can also send an email to [email protected] 
    Verna, Indianapolis, Indiana; 2019 [email protected] 400 Boondock Lite white/red; towed by a red 2015 Toyota Tacoma V6 TRD 4x4; [email protected] Administrator.  If not now, when?

  • Thank you so much Verna!  I appreciate the information. I did not speak to the repair department so I will speak with them.
    2018 [email protected] 400
    2014 Toyota 4Runner
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