Removable tongue (or fold-able)

After months of scheming, cleaning and rearranging, I managed to fit 2 cars and our [email protected] in our 2-car garage.  The only problem is that the [email protected] tongue sticks out the side door (aka service door or people door).  My solution will be to put some type on enclosure around the tongue to keep critters out of the garage.
Alternatively, my neighbor suggested either modifying the trailer tongue, to be removable or hinged.  I have seen the hinged boat trailer tongues, that doesn't buy enough space.  
Has anyone done that?  I assume it voids the Norco frame warranty. but was wondering about other benefits and risks.
has anyone else done something along those lines?
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    The only thing I would caution is, as you suggested, yes, it will void your frame warranty, as I think the newer warranties prohibit any holes to be drilled into the frame.  While I’m certainly not an engineer, I just wonder if this could also affect the integrity of the body of the [email protected], also. “The frame is connected to the floor space, the floor space is connected to the wall support....” 10 points for the name that tune ;)

    As I’m hitting those bumps on the interstates and the misaligned bridge and road surfaces, I thank nüCamp for providing a sturdy frame under my [email protected] 
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    I own a [email protected], and I have made a modification to my hitch system, but that mod was not ment to shorten the lenght of the frame. And warranty or not, I dought I would try to make any mods to shorten it.  

    Once you get in the A-frame portion of the frame, you could be messing with strenght and integrety.  

    As for drilling holes, I would not worry to much about that, as long as you do not make it a swiss cheese. (This will bring some comments).  My [email protected] frame is under technical service buletin that it could have been broken or weaken in shipping by over theghtening the straps on the flat bed trailer.  

    And guess what the fix is, drilling holes to insert bolts so that braces can be install.

    Yep, it is made according to the mfg company.  But they are drilling holes.  Some holes can be drill w/o issues in a frame, depending where thaey are drilled.  And I would not do it in an area that could be under stress like a corner or a fold or right by a weld.  If you really want to do this mod, wait until the warranty is done and have someone who really knows what he is doing.

    The frames on our trailers are part of a systeme. The frame by them selves are not that strong or tought.  The axle is bolted to the frame, making it a very strong croos member reinforcing it at the same time.  The floors are also bolted to many place and the complete body also bring strenght to it.  All that assembly together, make the unit able to wistand more that road bumps.  But the frame by it self is not stronger that any medium size utility trailers.

    So I am back at your garrage space.  

    As you were moving things around, did you think about removing the jack and dropping the thong on the ground. It would take as much space, but you would bang your knees in it everytime.  You would simply walk over it.  

    That is if it can help you organize your storage space.

    good luck, hope you find your solution.
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    There is a folding trailer like the hi-lo that the folding A frame was an option so it is doable. I was looking to buy one so it would fit in my garage. I think it folded at the 18" line. I will keep looking for a web site.
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