How to use the forum?

I'm a new user of the forum and need help navigating as I've not used a forum before.
How do I search for a specific category to find discussions? I found the category listing when I started this new discussion but if I don't have a new discussion - how do I find a list of categories 

Also how do I change my profile picture? I went to edit but all I could do was change my password  

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    Hi and welcome. Kind of new here myself. All categories are listed on the left. Search bar at top will bring up many relevant discussions. Use the recent discussions link to see the most
    recent posts. Not sure how to change your picture. 

    Kudos to the folks who designed this platform, as there are no ads and my tracking software shows there is none going on. Very rare these days. 

    There are some amazing people here. We’ve learned a lot about this wonderful camper now in our garage. 

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    @DIDOTAB, I'll let the technophiles do the specifics, but wanted to welcome you to the forum, to the [email protected] family and congratulations on your trailer. Pics please.
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    @DIDOTAB  If you’re using an iPad you need to turn it to the horizontal orientation to see the category column. Sometimes it’s helpful to just search on a two word phrase because relevant material may get posted in unrelated categories-it happens. Someone else needs to offer the trick for searching on your browser for better forum results because I can never remember how to do that.  Welcome!
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    I do this trick for searching with the Great and Powerful Google all the time now.  I've learned so much doing searches this way, and I've been using it on many sites I visit frequently.


    This is what it looks like.  I was looking for the "sink plumbing mod" that was discussed in another thread tonight. 

    After "sink plumbing mod" you use the "site" term to tell Google you want to search a specific web site.  So, site:http.// limits the search for only these forums. 

    I've done this type of search enough that as soon as I type "site" in the search bar I get a list of previous searches, so i just load one of them into the search bar and modify it for the search terms I want.

    sink plumbing mod site:

    There have been a couple of threads about this technique, and I've bookmarked it so I can review it:

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    Lol, I would need something like that for facebook.  Forums have always been easier for informations transfert and organisation.

    facebook for this is simple cra...  And on top of that, they trought a new version a us so often, that you have to relearn a lot of thing every time.

    you will find your way pretty quickly and also find that pretty much all forum, even if different platforms, are organized in similar fashion.

    welcome to the forum and long live the Forum platform!  :)
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