How do you check brake pads on a [email protected] 400

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How does one check brake pad on a T&B. I know it depends on how hard your brake controller engages your brakes, what kind of mileage can I expect from a set of brakes? Thanks in advance. 


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    Man, it took some digging but I found out that you have to take the bearing nut off and pull the drum. Took me well over 8 hours to find all the information and to find the proper grease at a store so I thought I would share. I live in the country so that added to the time. I don't like pulling bearings out but, I found out that with these videos it is extremely easy. Taking the bearing nut off and removing the drum is not the hard part, it is putting it all back together and not burning a bearing up because the bearing loading is not correct. 

    The Dexter axle information on my [email protected] 400 is:

    Part # 008-247-05
    Dexter 10" Drum with a 5 on 4.5" B.C. for 3500 lb axle.
    Use with bearing kit K3500.
    Type of Use: 10" Brakes
    Inner Bearing: L68149
    Outer Bearing: L44649
    Seal: SL173

    Use NLGI Grade 2 product with a minimum dropping point of 440 F

    For Bearing maintenance here is the Dexter OEM factory video for the Dexter E-Z lube axle. The one thing I feared the most was how to tighten the nut to load the bearing and that is explained at the 5:45 minute mark. Dang it is easy, and I verified it today by actually doing it. Simply amazing how things have changed this last decade. 

    When it comes to greasing the hub this is the video that I got from a post by Leenscottfl and is a Dexter OEM film. Really fantastic set of videos. The manufacturer recommends greasing every 12 months/ 12,000 miles. Since it is this easy I am going with that. One thing to do is to pump the grease in slowly and make sure you are spinning the wheel to get it to travel through the housing. 

    What grease you may ask..... here is the page out of this manual:

    The Dexter axle that I have on my 400 is top notch.... love it! If there is something I missed give a shout. Later.

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    great info, thanks

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    I have a 2005 Wells Cargo utility trailer with a very similar axle if not the same as the 400. I have serviced it a few times, replaced the bearings once I believe and inner seals a couple times, I think I have something like 30k miles on the unit, never any axle issues. From what I can tell the Dexter torsion axles are good, last a long time and are fairly easy to maintain. As you discovered, lots of factory service info available and parts are available direct from Dexter if you need to replace components.
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    Great info above.  Videos are perfect.
    The axles on a Boondock are said to be somewhat different so using the configuration number provided by uCAMP technical support for the Boondock axle, I'm posting the information from Dexter customer service here as FYI.  

    Make / ModelDexter #10F 4K Torflex
    BrakesD44 Electric Manual Adjust
    Down Trail10-degrees
    Hub Diameter (H-D)5 spokes on 4.5" diameter
    Hub Face (HF)76
    Hub Group#10F 545
    Hub Size 10" x 2-1/4"
    Inner Bracket59.25
    Mounting BracketNorco Tall E-1425
    Rubber Capacity (RC)3900
    Studs1/2" - 20
    Bearing Service
    Bearing: KIT per wheelK71-717-00
    Bearing: Inner Cone031-033-02 (Timken L68149)
    Bearing: Outer Cone031-031-02 (Timken L44649)
    Bearing: Seal010-019-00
    Replacement Parts
    Brake Assembly LeftK023-462-00
    Brake Assembly RightK023-463-00
    Shoe & Lining KitK71-672-00
    Magnet KitK71-125-00
    Wire Clip (Need 2)027-005-00
    Retractor Spring (Need 2)046-009-00
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    @Awca12a do you know in what ways the Boondock axle differs? Obviously the 10 degree down tailing arm is one, any others?
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    No but if someone could get the axle configuration # from nuCAMP for their trailer, Dexter could tell us.
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    I suspect the only difference is the angle of the arm, that is what creates the "pitch" in NuCamp speak.

    For the manual you are working on it will be simpler if there is same parts for all the hub end components.
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    Thanks for the posts. 
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    This is the info I got from nuCamp some time back.  Unfortunately, the referenced part numbers are nuCamp's numbers.  Dexter couldn't (or wouldn't) match them to a specific Dexter axle.

    "Here are the part numbers for the axles for the Tab 400 given to me by our purchasing department. That being said I tried to look them up and could not find anything. You might be best served by calling Dexter and presenting these part #’s and seeing if they can help you out!
    • Tab 400: 8136692
    • Tab 400 Boondock Lite: 8136695"
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