3-way Norcold Refrigerator Didn't Work On Propane

This is an FYI post.  We have a 2017 T@B 320S and our 3-way Norcold Model 3163 wasn't working on propane. To troubleshoot, we installed a new thermocoupling, checked all fuses under the stove and checked all wiring for looseness.  No go!  After installing the thermocoupling, pushed the red relight button, green light came on to show it was lit, but would not stay on.  Contacted Creed at NuCamp and he referred us to Norcold Tech Services.  After emailing Kent Richardson at Norcold, he suggested a local RV dealer, Camper Corral in our hometown.  Phoned them and took in the T@B that same day.  Got a call the next day to come and pick it up.  Great service!  The problem turned out to be debris on the main burner.  Service Tech said this happens often in RVs.  Told us next time we should pull out the fridge and blow compressed air on main burner.  We think we will leave this chore to the experts if it happens again!
Chris and Rick, 2017 T@B Max S with 2010 Ford Escape TV


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