[email protected] 400 LockOut

If you ever find yourself locked out of your [email protected] 400 ( which our r.v. service center did unintentionally in our presence this morning), the entry (when all the windows are locked) can be made by the underbed gear storage hatch on the passenger side.  You shimmy headfirst backwards through the hatch and push up the middle mattress cover and pull yourself up and inside.  The lockout was due to the two bolts screwing themselves in as they rubbed on the striker plate and the plastic molding as the door was opened and closed. The mechanic reset the bolts to the correct setting after opening the door from the inside and then put locktite on the the threads to hopefully prevent them from turning.  It was quite the sight and I wished I had video of it. The tech confirmed he'd never attempted that before; we are sure glad he was successful as the alternative would have been to spring the door which I am sure would have resulted in significant damage.   
Peter  Nanaimo,B.C.
2019 [email protected]
2011 Honda Ridgeline


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