Garage clearance for a CS-S - Will it clear a 7 ft / 84 inch Standard Garage opening?

got2bleegot2blee Member Posts: 15
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As we are still waiting on the CS-S models to come in ( haven't bought it yet) we want to store it in our garage, but the overhead (pass thru) is 84 inches that is 7 ft. your standard garage. Although the actual ceiling is 100 inches. I'm getting :worried: nervous and not sure it will clear. Just thinking if by swapping out the tires to a 5/12 ? might do it. but still not cretin, it would be an EXPENSIVE mistake if it simply can not be done. Just have to figure out how to "DROP" 5-7 inches :i_dunno:
 How do you do it? would love to see your pics :how_interesting:


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