keeping floor clean tab 400

Got a useful tip from a friend. Use large dog pee pads around the door and up to the sink area. They catch grass bits and mud. Also dries my dogs feet somewhat when she runs in the trailer.
You can shake them out in the morning and throw away when dirty. I bought my tab 400 new with a cream color floor. The first thing I did was put down an offcut from Home Depot of grey water resistant floor runner. It runs the entire length and a little bit to the door. Also I bought a clear rubber bath mat and cut hole for drain. Protects wetbath if I have to run to pee too desperate to remove shoes first. :-)


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    Good tips! I have a medium/smallish dog and keeping the floor clean is an hourly task. She also goes straight for the bed, regardless of paw cleanliness, in order to look out of the back window. We (dog and I) live full time in our 400, so any tips on keeping it clean are appreciated. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
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    You are welcome. My dog Lizzie likes the dinette seat opposite the door and of course the bed. The pad does speak up some. My daughter has trained her dog to stop and lie down on entering the camper so she can dry her feet with a small towel. I had no luck with Lizzie.
    I am going to make a cover for the dinette seat, but I just wash the bedclothes and the cheap runner offcut keeps the rest of the floor clean and dry.
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