Where to store stinky sewer pipe?

My tab 400 sewer pipe storage in the trailer. It's a sealed pipe inside under the bed with access outside. Unfortunately the last camp I was at, the Nucamp supplied hose was too short. Took some manouvering to dump. So bought a 10 foot extension. Now where to put it? Do I ordered two legths of 5" pvc pipe with wing nut end plugs. To secure it I have U clamps for that pipe. My plan is to clamp the pipe to the frame longways between the front of the camper and the hitch one on each side. You can access by undoing the end cap. One tube for the sewer hose and the other for spare storage, just because. I'll post how it turns out. Next will be a little platform width of the front gas storage to strap a 5 gall water container. Since it will be very close to the hitch I don't expect to put any extra load on the frame.


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