tab awning. different idea

While I was camping at Lake George, I saw a Tab 320. They had a square Pagoda type tent about 3/4 of the length of the trailer. It was pitched right next to the trailer door. The 3 sides were pegged down  and the side by the trailer had the sidewall laid on top of the trailer, guys over the roof and tied opposite side.  It was big enough to cover the camp site included bench table. Kept sun and rain off side of tab. No need for sliding through rails. Easy to put up on your own. ( Had four legs roof was only a couple of feet deep) was about same height as tab. Wish I had too a picture. Would be a much cheaper idea too. I'm going to look for one and try it. It's hard to get a visor or awning slid into the rail on my own. Thought it was a cool idea.
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