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    @JPRoland, have you looked at Harvest Hosts as an option for layovers? For about $80/yr, they have a network of wineries, breweries and small museums that will allow you to stay overnight for free. There are no hookups, but unless it’s really hot out, that’s not really a problem. If you’ll be traveling back and forth to Houston, it could be an option. Its also a fun way to see and support small businesses along the way. 
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    Just remember one thing, we were all newbies at one point in time and everyone has a story or three to tell regarding a close call, something we forgot to do after leaving home or a campground, etc.   It is always a good idea to walk around the trailer at least twice before heading out.   It’s amazing the things you will find at campsites (from others who were there previously) and sometimes you will find your own gear, realize that you forgot to hook up the trailer light cable, forgot to put that step in, left something on the picnic table, forgot to lock the door, left the wheel chocks in place, etc.   Camping isn’t all fun and relaxation, it requires repetitive tasks, planning, preparation and it is a lot of work.  Thank God my wife is along on these trips as she handles the trailer interior and I do all the hooking up and outside tear down details.  I dump the tanks at the dump station, after two knocks on the trailer wall after the black tank is emptied she preps the tank from inside.  

    Take some time, walk around that trailer 2-3 times, inspect everything, maintain proper tire inflation, carry some extra glycol along on your trip, maintain adequate distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you, keep your speed down, drive for conditions you encounter and find a place to camp before the sun goes down.  
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    Ours was mounted like the one in the photo and we couldn’t reach the button or read it very well. Dropped by our dealers and he pulled it into a lower setting on the mounting bracket and we could reach the button. I can’t tell which model you have but that was an issue with ours. 
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    Saw a FB repost about an RV dealership.  The dealership posted that they had no RVs for sale, anything on the lot and coming in thru the end of the year were already spoken for.

    They said they could take deposits for campers being delivered spring of 2021.
    This is also the case at my local dealer - no stock on hand and deliveries over the next couple of months already sold.
    My Boondock delivery is all the way out in late winter/early spring of next year. At least I don't have to worry about winterizing and storing an RV - and the long wait also gives me plenty of time to read the informative postings here as well.

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    The exercise of reading and waiting can be informative, but expensive.
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