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  • jules2go
    Hey there, just want to f/u, and say thank you, for your thoughtful reply to my post about the mystery with my fridge only randomly working. I'm going to pay close attention to any impact the stabilizers might be having on the leveling, great point. This weekend I was at 2 diff campgrounds and it worked great on shore power at one, but stopped at the other. I had it perfectly level at both, but didn't check the leveling bubble after putting down the stabilizers. Will do this next time.  
    September 23
    • ADRawli
      Glad to hear it’s working a bit better, but sorry its still not perfect. If you were close to level before stabilizers, they should not make more than just a very slight impact, unless you really crank on them and actually lift your trailer. Stabilizers should just be snugged about a quarter turn past touching the ground, just enough to to ‘stabilize’, and if all are snugged up the same, should not impact your level. So... hoping you get to the root of it. I’m sure it must be frustrating.
  • KAR
    I was worried about taking retirement so put it off. Now that I'm retired I keep asking myself why I waited! Especially now that COVID has changed this years trips - had I retired a year earlier I would have gone to Canada, New Zealand and Scotland. So we're making up for the loss with trips in the [email protected] and so far are having just as much fun, gorgeous scenery right here in the USA:) Hope your retirement works out as planned :) Enjoy camping and definitely come to Colorado and stay as long as you can:)
    September 1
    • ADRawli
      I can’t wait to just park on the side of a trout stream in a high mountain valley and just know I don’t have to move for any reason other than I decide to. I think if I can hold off for about 8 more years, the decision to take retirement will feel right. Like you, each of those countries is on my ‘visit plan’, especially NZ. So, lots to do, lots to plan, and lots to prepare for in the meantime. Best of luck, and don’t wear those trout out too much until I get there. See you in CO!