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  • jenniferlzr
    Thanks for the help. I have a new 2021 400. I've gone through the manual, but it doesn't have step by step instructions how to operate the battery/propane/shore power. I still don't know how to get the camper to switch to battery power. I'll look through the Alde pamphlet again. Thanks. 
    December 2020
    • Bayliss
      Jennifer, I own a 320 S, but on the 400, I believe that the battery disconnect switch ("on" and "off") is located inside the storage compartment area at the back end of the trailer. Open up the storage compartment door and look for a (likely) red switch that you can turn. It needs to be set to "On" for the battery power to get to the trailer. When you switch it to "Off" it will cut off all 12-volt power to the trailer, which you may want to do while the trailer is in storage or not being used for an extended period. Also, the battery is probably near that switch, but accessible from inside the trailer (hidden under a black plastic cover/box, I believe) under the bed cushion. Lift that area and look in the compartment. I know there are photos on the Forum. Search for "400 battery location" (or similar phrase) and you should find it.

      Once you get the battery power on, reading through the Alde manual should get you going with heating the trailer cabin and water (or you can use shore power from your house or a campground.) Hopefully, you can get the trailer dealer to give you a thorough "walk-through" of your trailer. They should have done that as part of the purchase. (Greg)
  • box1
    Thanks for fuse info on Avia. Fuse on heater was good. Is this the fuse you are referencing? No green power light on ALDE panel on/off button yet. suspect another bad fuse or main PCB on boiler bad. (installed another after I dropped one so how to retrieve them so they don't short out main PCB HA! Magnet?) . How to get fuses out suggestions needed.  All other D.C, fuses checked O.K.  Sourcing for battery backup for ALDE monitor system next.
    December 2020
    • Bayliss
      I was referring to the Alde 12V blade fuse located at the WFCO power converter. It should be labeled on the fuse panel. However, if you already tested the fuses at the converter, as well as both glass fuses on top of the boiler, that is not the issue.

      Did you read the response to your question by @MuttonChops? It describes how to reset the control panel by doing a complete power down and restart. Be sure to go through the process he describes, because that has been known to solve the issue you are having. If it doesn't work, then it probably is a bad circuit board. ALSO, you can remove the control panel from the wall and make sure that the wires are not loose. That has occurred in the past as well.

      Here's an Alde video on removing the glass fuses. It is for the 3010 model, but the fuse removal is the same. I have never had to remove the glass fuses, but others who have recommend putting a thin piece of cardboard or paper under them while removing them so that you do not drop the fuse down behind the Alde tank.


      You might also search the forum for past discussions of similar issues.