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Will do.  We are actually camping now.  Will be home Wednesday and will send you a check then.  


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  • atlasb
    Hi Big Grover,  Sorry for the issues with your 400!  We have found that some dealers are not much better than used car salesmen.  I no longer use our local auto dealer for most service as I got tired of taking care of their issues.  I thought I remembered that you made a replacement table for the dinette and when I saw the problem with your original table, I wondered if you had switched back to the original as the new one you constructed wasn't what you wanted.  We don't use our table as we keep it in the down position and that is where our dog loves to sit.  I did however construct a small round removable bistro style table and it works for the way we like.  We all find different ways to use things and the fun part is the different approaches that people take.  I hope that in the end, everything works out for you and that you are able to enjoy!  I do know, NU Camp has been one of the best companies that we have dealt with and is great at taking care of the customer.  Fred.
    August 7
    • BigGrover
      Atlas, we haven't switched back on the table when it's just the wife and me.. We just use the original when our son comes and we need to make the front bed. I have been toying with the idea of cutting some 1" plywood in the shape of the cushion that goes down when using the bunk and having a full time u shaped sitting area that can also be used for his bed.

      I am greatly disappointed with the dealer. Their tech seems to be more of a duct tape and hammer mechanic and the powers that be there have no interest in setting things straight. As long as the cool cat, alde and converter don't need repairing I hope to handle any further maintenance on my own.
  • Will do.  We are actually camping now.  Will be home Wednesday and will send you a check then.  
    June 23