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  • JPRoland
    Hi, CJax.
    Wes purchased the Napoleon TQ285-RD-1-A Travel Q 285 portable grill. I bought it on Amazon for $279. I also purchased the nice carrying bag and it makes it nicer to tote. The Napoleon ran poorly the first time because I discovered that the LP/Propane was being regulated twice (x2). First on the trailer at the Propane tank up in the battery/gas bin and then again on the Napoleon. I'm not a fixer-guy or a plumber, but how hard could this be? So I disconnected the regulator on the Napoleon and then just figured out which brass fitting/adapter was necessary to make a good connection. Later, I realized they had a BBQ section just for gas grills at my local hardware store and I instantly found what I needed. Now my Napoleon works perfectly. I like it because half is a grill and half is a griddle. I purchased the matching halves of each surface so I can make it all griddle or all grill. A big griddle surface is great for pancakes and bacon. I am totally pleased with the Napoleon and can attest to it's durability. I knocked it off a table about four feet and it landed upside down hard on concrete. I hated to look. Thankfully, there was hardly a scratch and all was intact. I was impressed and we love this grill. Also, mine arrived with a broken handle due to rough handling and the folks at Napoleon were quite helpful and rushed me a new one. I hope that helps. Since you are stocking up on supplies/accessories, I'll send another note listing the ones we purchased that we wouldn't want to live without. Have fun!


    June 7