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these guys have a 2019 on the lot   link


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  • Trailpixie
    I rented from the guys in PA. They were cool.

    I'm not gonna bash too hard, but I've dealt with Beckleys in Thurmont and they are pretty slow to take responsibility for things and can be clueless. Not sure if that's who your talking about. I am willing to name businesses because that is the only way they improve. If that is the one you are talking about, I'll post to your thread--if you are comfortable. 
    July 10
    • Cbusguy
      I live in Columbus ohio, Haydocy Airsteam is who I was dealing with. My sales rep spent more time talking about air stream and how he grew up on the factory floor than our trailer or what we wanted. The nail on the coffin was when he was going to put a "LIft Kit" on a new trailer that was shown at the RV show and the wife is convinced was rented.....with zero discount and full asking price for the unit. We paid the same price for a brand spanking new 2020 with solar as we would have for a 2018 with the "lift kit". The cushions had serious wear and the stove had heat marks on the pot supports so it was used in some manner and clearly not new. with zero discount on a two year old used unit.

      If I hear that they are the nations largest nucamp dealer I would have puked.

      He violated our trust and we will NEVER grace their dealership again.

      I briefly considered Beckley's, But the Air Force guys shtick on youtube turned me off, he is knowledgeable and all, but his persona rubs me the wrong way and I am not sure I could trust him. Just comes a crossed as a scam artist.