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    May 27
  • davel4wa
    This has nothing to do with your switch question actually. Across the whole spectrum of RV types the 12V option for the fridge is rare as it is very inefficient in the absorption type refrigerators. For your purpose, if you are running the fridge on 12V battery power and they have provided a fan, you should probably turn it on. The bigger question is why would you run it on 12V? When shore power is available you would likely use that mode as it would save propane and your battery. When not on shore power or an external generator propane is more efficient than 12V. Only if you were out of propane or were trying to conserve propane for some reason would you use 12V. Carry an extra propane bottle and don't use 12V then the switch is irrelevant. 
    May 21
    • Ninabean
      @dave14wa. Thank you so much for your comments and I agree with you 100%. The situation though that prompted the question and use of the switch was because we were traveling and the fridge should be on 12v right while in transit as the use of propane is not recommended while driving. So we were trying to set the fridge to 12v per the panel above the fridge and it would not go to that setting until we turned on that green light switch. At the time I was not aware that it needed to be on to use the 12v option. Discovered all this while trying to prepare to head back home. I agree don’t want to use 12v and use up precious battery power while stationary. Thank you again.
  • DenisP
    I haven’t replaced the panels yet as we have been to busy using our 400. I scoped it out and it doesn’t appear to be to difficult. The blinds are attached in each corner and the panels are attached with screws behind the button covers which snap on. 
    We were monitoring the panel wrinkles and they never got worse and at times went away.  I plan on replacing them when we get back from our 9000 mile trip cross country which we are leaving in 2 weeks. 
    May 21