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I have the 2015 Canyon with tow package. I have the SLT package and a Leer bed cap that is 4" higher than the cab. I now have a toy hauler now and I run the frig on propane as I drive. The frig is set in the camper sideways as opposed to where the flame is in the 2015 [email protected] that I had. The flame blew out in the [email protected] I *never* ran the [email protected] frig on 12V. I'd turn on 12V to cool it down overnight. I put things in it that were cold. Before towing, I'd turn off the frig. I also put a frozen jug of water inside it on hot days. Keep in mind that I rarely drove more than 3-5 hours away. My food never got warm. When at the campsite, I'd run it on propane even though I had electric. The ammonium heat exchange frigs work better and more efficient on propane. Many people have had good luck running the frig on propane when they drive. Other people have had horrid luck. I think it's a function of the tow vehicle and air flow. The Canyon got better gas mileage than my Rav4 when towing the [email protected] Both were V6's, but you know the Canyon has a 7000# tow rating and is made to tow nicely. I didn't read the 2015's computer allowed the alternator to run at 14.5V when towing mode was on. I always run the lights and extra fog lights when towing too. Makes sense since I've checked alternator output and transmission temperature and they were both great. Hope this helps!! PS.. this is not a private message. LOL. Anyone can read it. Just FYI.


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