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  • ChrisandAlexis
    Rob, we have a CS [email protected] and our reservoir is behind the toilet. I could not tell you why you ran out of glycol. I suggested you check your glycol level because we did not have any heat but had hot water. Doing a search on no heat on the forum I saw that low glycol level was a possiblility. Sure enought, I could not see any glycol in our reservoir. I put some glycol in and took a trip. I did not get a chance to check out whether I got heat or not on the trip as the weather was still warm. When I got home I checked the glycol level and it was low again. I asked on the forum and someone said it was a possible leak. I filled again and the level has been fine for the last couple of months. Where did the glycol go the first time and where did it go the 2nd time? Who knows. I am just happy not to have to try to repair a glycol leak. You should hear a water movement sound when the heater is working. I read that the heater worked by radiant heat. Yeah, if you set your panel to heat water, the water movement sound stops. The radiant heat works really slow so be patient. Your warranty should cover the glycol but if you decide to do it yourself, do a search on no heat. There are suggestions on marking the low level on the reservoir and how far to fill it. Also do a search on glycol as not any glycol will do. 

    January 16
    • Robnrina
      @chrisandalexis thanks for all the info. We found the glycol reservoir and it was empty. Since we are still under warranty we are going to take it back to the dealer and let him “deal” with it. Thanks again.