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  • Tink
    Hi Sharon - I think we met last fall at Port Crescent State Park in Michigan.  You were camped across from the bathhouse.   You had some contraption you created to hold up the roof of the side tent.  Can you please share how you made that?  Sorry if I have the wrong person  :-)
    May 22
  • MarisaM
    Hello Sharon
    I have been trying to sell my trailer for many months now. Someone put an “LOL” comment on my profile and I do not want that on my profile, there is no context to it.  Could you please remove that?
    May 15
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      I can't personally remove it, but I will ask an administrator. All kinds of fat fingers can accidently bump one of those icons, so I wouldn't be too concerned about the impact on the sale of your trailer.
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      The tabulation of reactions is recorded on your profile. You will notice that you have a "Like" recorded as well. Somewhere in one of your discussions/comments, someone did a LOL - and it is recorded, even if the discussion is deleted. I believe you have had a lot of edits to your ad, so the origination of the LOL may be gone.
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      The post that the LOL was associated with has been removed. The counter can not be reset back to zero. Your choices are to just ignore it or if you wish, we can delete your account and you can apply again. That is the only way to remove it. Sorry.
  • Rerail
    Thanks this is perfect. I will load the trailer onto the ball and then measure the drop. If its say 2" then I will raise tbal by @ over the height in the chart so as to have the rig level when I tow. Its exactly what I was searchine for. Thanks so much.
    Keith Stamper
    Port Colborne
    Ont. Canada
    May 13
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Nice when you have an adjustable hitch. Most of us end up with trial and error. I know we started with a “rise” that was too high, so we bought the next size down. Happily level now😀
  • DenisP
    I purchased the Pahaque cover from @JonNLeslie so it is sold
    May 3
  • Mwamba
    Thank you Sharon for editing my photos and not deleting them instead!  I did use the Photo resizer you suggested and I thought it worked within the pixel range, I guessed wrong.  I was also frustrated because I couldn't rotate them. :/  I appreciate your help, greatly!!
    May 2
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      You are welcome! The apps are not terribly intuitive. Which one did you use?
  • TerryV6
    Thanks Sharon, my order is on the way..  My wife wanted the red color...  One of the few times I was able to over-rule her...  grin...  I bought the little tool also...
    April 27
  • TerryV6
    Hi Sharon,
    Last quick question on this: 
    "You need at least 1 size larger @TerryV6."  

    So... that is the 5/8 right?  I did see a 3/4 size for the same price.  I've been busy helping older relatives, but i've come back to this and am ready to order and install...

    "They told me I'd have more time once I retired.... Ha!"
    April 26
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Terry, BrianZ used 8 awg wires and he was able to fit 2 into a 1/2 inch loom, but you said that when you attempted to use 1/2 inch loom there was a gap - so you need to go up a size. So, yes, I would try the 5/8 inch. It should fit. We have smaller gauge wires and the 5/8 inch loom worked for us with some room. So try the 5/8.

      If you can measure the outer diameter of a wire, double it. The loom is sized by interior diameter. They recommend if your measured wire outer diameter is equal to the loom interior diameter, to go up one size. Also, it is not easy to get the wire into the loom because it is designed to fit snuggly. Or, call Renogy and they will tell you what size!