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  • hamrx
    thanks  I found the fins and wondered what they were.  thought they were heat sinks to cool something
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Not sure what you are referring to, but glad it was helpful😊
  • Donnab
    Will add later at work now
    November 24
  • Lisamorrisette
    That might be a great option. So I would have to purge the system of the AF and sanitize then blow out the lines and only add AF to the sinks and toilet is that correct?
    November 18
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Yes, you basically need to dewinterize by flushing the entire system thoroughly with water - no need to sanitize right now - just in the spring. Then drain your tanks and plumbing lines, blow everything dry - don't forget the toilet line. Lastly after your gray and black tanks are empty, add AF to the sink and shower P traps - enough to get down to the gray tank valve and down the toilet to get to the black tank valve. Here are instructions that I wrote a few years ago. https://us.v-cdn.net/5021717/uploads/editor/6r/eust2xvs5t11.pdf apply, just ignore the Bypass valve advice. Let me know if you have any questions. Pay attention to making sure the hose leading to the pump is dry and the pump filter.
  • gderrick
    Didn't see where I could send you the attachment so sending a URL to where I got the PDF.

    Something you might want to add to the Dutchmen users manuals.  Handy little instruction/maintenance guide covering the Al-Ko chassis on the Dutchmen version.  Not specific to the [email protected] but the info is in there.  Layout is hard to look at as a PDF since it is a pamphlet with two pages per sheet.  If printed double sided, flipped on the short side the pages can then be stacked, folded in half and centered stapled. 


    Thanks for putting together these resources for us.  It has greatly help me after purchasing our `06 without any surviving manuals or detailed service history.

    November 9
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      That looks like a keeper. I will put it with the other info! Thanks!
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Posted under User Manuals - Dutchman TaB Resources.
  • JPRoland
    I will take a picture of that and post it Sharon. I have no idea where the wires lead to. I just found two fuses on two lines coming to or from the battery. They are both 15 amp fuses.
    October 3
  • Anna
    I am looking for a coupler key!  Please let me know.  Thanks
    October 1
  • KAR
    HI! Great to read. Where or how do we check the glycol level? Sorry! 
    We fortunately had the handout you showed us and were able to use it to decipher the symbols that was on our aldye. We made out own cheat sheet and fortunately for us you confirmed out understanding ! THANKS!
    I've never seen a manual written upside down or a unit labeled upside down, Hilarious. But the universal symbols don't really speak to us so thanks for confirming that we had deciphered it correctly!
    September 28
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Your glycol expansion tank is under the rear shelf on the driver’s side. You need to unscrew and lift the shelf to see the tank. I hope you have glycol. You need a certain kind and you can’t run the Alde without it. The level should be just above the minimum.

    • Sharon_is_SAM
      What do you mean the labels are upside down?
    • KAR
      Thanks:) Found it this am.
      The drawing starts with d,c,b,a instead of a,b,c,d which I think is nuts but we are good now.
      Thanks for all your help!
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Oh yeah! Guess they are backward! But not for someone who reads left to right😂
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      Right to left!
  • jtalarek
    I sure did.  As you suggested, I went through customer service and Elsie sent them within a couple days, complimentary.  and the clips did just snap right into place - easy-peasy. I was worried because it seemed like the original was glued in somehow but, as with almost everything I have encountered, it was an easy fix.  Never heard a word from the local dealer.  I did make a notation of the parts suppliers you recommended for future reference.  Thanks so much for your assistance
    September 28