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  • trimtab

    I just sent a Very good review of the Apache dealership in Portland, Or.
    A breath of fresh air and a great company to be representing nucamp travel trailers. Our other dealer experiences..not very good and we have had a LivinLite and a Winne ERA RV.
    I use the 'customer service" email address you have posted, it would not work.
    I went to the nucamp web site and used their [email protected] email address, it worked.  Thought you should know,
    May 24
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      I just tested the email and here is the automated reply:


      Thank you for contacting nuCamp. Your submission has been received. We are working to address it and provide you a meaningful response within the next 2 business days. We value you as a customer and appreciate your patience.

      Have a great day,


      What happened when you sent the email? Did you try to connect via the nuCamp Contact list or did you type the address into your own email?
    • trimtab
      It came back to me.
      It's alright...I sent a glowing report for one of their dealers..it went through.
  • WoodinTAB
    Hi Sharon, I recently purchased a new to us 2015 CS-S Sofitel and am thinking of trying to mod the bench seat cabinet in front to look like the newer cabinet with drawers. You mentioned in a post having that done at original purchase. Just wondering if Nucamp makes a cabinet to replace the bench cabinet or go on top of the bench cabinet to resemble the newer wardrobe cabinet they make.  Been checking out many forum threads.  So many questions and answers. Thinking about finding a local cabinet maker too in the Seattle area. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks. 
    May 9
    • Sharon_is_SAM
      The CS front cabinet/counter is now standard. They have changed from a cabinet and multiple drawers to a single lower drawer and cabinets with 4 shelves. Our build was custom before the new design and has 4 shelves which we find very versatile. I use plastic drawer units for some clothes. I have seen forum members who have built on top of the existing bench, but I think the weight may increase. I think it is relatively easy to remove the bench and replace it with the current design. I am not sure if the dimensions of that area have changed with the latest model, so make sure they know you have a 2015. We upgraded the counter tops to the white Sofitel counters.

      I would send an email to [email protected] and inquire about the process and ask if they can arrange for purchase through a dealer. Then you can look at pricing compared to a local cabinet shop.
  • patsym57
    I saw a photo of something called a pop tab for holding up the middle of the thermarest tent and can't find it again.  Can you help?  How do you get one?
    May 7