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  • Audrey04
    Question ref your.commemt on March 17, good picture showing where you'd drilled hole underneath panel per Miller to allow any waters put.  Did you drill thru the plastic colored shroud in back, or is that further below the plastic in the metal?  Any info on what size drill holes, unsuspecting three holes across that whole area?
    • YanniLazarus
      Hello. Miller thought it was a good preventative measure to drill three 1/4 inch diameter holes in the lowest point through the plastic shroud and into the cavity so that any standing water that managed to get in due to sealant failure from pretty much anywhere could drain out without doing damage - even if the owner didn't notice the leak. He actually wanted me to remove the tail light trim and reseal as well ... but since my 4 year old 320 has no sign of leakage I didn't want to disturb a sleeping bear. Good luck to you!