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  • Pokey

    Regarding your back up camera installation: how do you connect the camera to the license plate light? 

    Thank you!

    November 24
    • bjn2
      Hi Lynn! When I unscrewed the license plate light, there was a short length of wire from the light to a couple of crimp connectors connecting to the running light wires. I tapped into those wires to connect power to the camera. I mounted the camera to the driver's side license plate screw. The wire hides behind the license plate. Initially, I unscrewed the lower rear plastic panel to see the wiring behind it. But the way I tapped into the wires, I didn't really need to do that. The hole behind the license plate light was large enough to stuff the wire taps inside. I don't recall if I used the T-taps provided with the camera or if I used some better quality ones that weather seal.