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  • trimtab
    I could not find the discussion , a recent one, on surge protectors..do you have any thoughts on just getting a basic surge protector like this>

    Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector - 30 Amp

    getting our 320-S on friday...and thanks...

    May 18
  • DougH
    Great idea!  Gave $20 to nüCampAppreciation, and was careful to Lysol the credit card first before using it with the gofundme site.
    May 12
    • jkjenn
      Thank you @DougH!!
  • Olena
    I had the same sickness in early January - like nothing I ever had before. I assumed it was flu and probably was, but I have had flu a few times before in my adult life and the development of this was different. It started with back and chest pain like I had never felt before, that only lasted for a night and then I woke up with a bad sore throat. Over the next few days I felt like I had a head cold but after about 5 days I developed chills, fever, extreme fatigue (I couldn't get out of bed and was sleeping 18 hours a day) and a rumbling, productive cough. This went on for about 8 days, but I was fatigued and a bit short of breath (chest felt tight) for about three weeks. It seems way too early for COVID, but at the same time I live in a town that has a lot of international tourists that come up here when they are in Toronto. I wish I could get a antibody test too. Chances are great that it wasn't COVID, but I think that they are now discovering it has been out and circulating longer than they thought. Did your illness follow the same pattern? I have had flu before and flu usually comes down fast, like in a few hours, but every flu can be different I guess. 2019/2020 is supposed to be a bad flu season.
    April 22
    • jkjenn
      They believe Covid was here far earlier than they originally thought, so who knows?

      Mine started with a really bad sore throat and by day 2 I started a high fever which I had for over a week. It felt like pneumonia, at times. It was awful.