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Sorry not to have seen this sooner but my [email protected] is packed up for the winter and I am visiting the forum less often.  I am pretty new to this having just bought my [email protected] last summer.  When we bought the [email protected] we owned a 2005 Ford Explorer with a straight 6 engine that had 210 horse power and 3300 pound tow capacity.  We made several trips using this TV including a 12 day 2,000 mile trip to the Gaspésie.  We found that we struggled in the mountains of Vermont and given the age of the vehicle this concerned us.  We ended up purchasing a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a v6 with 290hp and a 6,200lb towing capacity.  This TV does not struggle near as much in Vermont.  The standard cherokee with a v6 has 270hp and with a tow package has a 4500lb capacity.  I also improved my gas mileage.  I went from about 12.5 mpg to 14.5 with the Jeep plus the Jeep has a 3 gallon larger tank.  People tow with lots of vehicles some I would consider way to small, like a 4 cyl Subaru outback.  I would definitely want a factory tow package and a minimum of 250hp.  Don't forget that it is not just the trailer weight ( which can easily hit 2,200 lbs if you stock up for a long trip), you also have to account for people weight, luggage weight, dog weight, kayak weight, etc.  Many mid sized SUV's will get you the HP and a tow capacity of 3500lbs which is more then enough for a [email protected] and probably a [email protected]  Also from what I have read you want an AWD vehicle because in certain conditions a FWD vehicle can loose traction due to the trailer pushing down on the rear of the vehicle.  Good Luck.


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