TAB400 Alde Heat on Propane

It got cold here last week so I thought it was a good time to test my heat using propane.  The Alde worked just fine.  Took about an hour to heat from 25 degrees ambient temp to 72 degrees inside temp.  I never heard as much noise from the Alde as some here have indicated.  As a matter of fact, the only way I could really tell that the Alde was working was to check the exhaust port for warm air.
However, after I shut everything down I noticed that the exhaust port was covered with black soot.  This indicates incomplete combustion, no?  Have any of you noticed this?  Is there some adjustment I need to make to the Alde heater?  I am at about 1700 feet above sea level so I doubt it is an altitude issue.  Since this was the first time I ran the Alde with propane and I have only run it on electric once I wonder if this is just stuff burning off of new materials.
Any thoughts?


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