New [email protected] 400 in FL

Hello!  We have been lurking and learning for quite some time before finding our perfect [email protected] and making the purchase.  We made the camping progression through many years from tents to popup to hybrid to 30ft TT.  They all served us well and recently it was time to downsize and after seeing a [email protected] and the quality of build in person, we knew that was it.  We spent quite some time researching and decided, after the Air8 cooling issues, that we wanted to find a new leftover 2019 [email protected] 400 with the Cool Cat since we live in FL and A/C is VERY important.  We were lucky to find exactly what we wanted at a price we couldn't pass up.  So, my husband drove 530 miles to Arkansas to pick it up.  I'm sure we will have many, many years of fun with it.  We are grateful for this forum and for everything we have learned.  


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