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So we live in Sunny Fl where the weather has been in the 80's the last few weeks.

We have a cover over our [email protected], a light to mid weight one, not sure if it's really that waterproof.

So, should I have the front and two side windows cracked to that secure but open position (with the screens in place of course) to let some of the heat out, or do you think it won't make that much of a difference.  I'm leery of opening them much more due to sudden rains that can come down in every direction.

We keep it covered between trips and with what is going on, who knows how long our next outing will be.

And this is out first summer having the [email protected], we got it last September and it's sitting in my driveway.
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    I keep the two side windows cracked, even with the cover on. Clear days, I open her up.

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    @Tampakayaker:  I cover my Tab 400 while it is in storage.   I live in the Jacksonville, FL area. I cracked open the bathroom vent to prevent heat build-up inside the Tab during the summer.  It helps, but that might not be enough. I like to lock it’s windows in the slightly-open position but I am afraid that someone might pry it open to gain easy access inside the Tab.  There is no adequate security in the storage lot.  I thought I read it in the Tab manual 2 years ago to open that bathroom vent.  Just be aware that I now noticed some discoloration and roughness on the upper portions of the wood-looking bathroom walls.   I have applied Murphy Oil Multi-Use Wood Cleaner to prevent further discoloration. BTW, I leave all inside cabinet doors open and the refrigerator door open also. I try to regularly visit the Tab and I have noticed the heat build up inside when I open its door.  Hope this info helps.
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    @Tampakayaker, have you considered adding an external (after-market) cover over your stock roof vent?  It not only allows you to keep the vent completely open even when it is raining, but you can also leave the vent fully open while the trailer is in storage.  The external vent cover also helps protect your stock vent cover and keeps the weight of a full trailer protective cover off the stock vent lid, which can be damaged by that weight (if you leave the unprotected stock vent lid up when the trailer is covered.)

    When my trailer is in storage, I crack open the window on the driver's side (opposite of the trailer door) in the slightly-open but locked position as described by @Tabmann400, and leave the roof vent fully open so air flows freely between those two points.  I keep the window on the trailer door side closed and locked, because if it is left open, even if only slightly, it provides easier access for a thief to pry open that window and reach in to unlock the door.
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