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Hi everyone. We are Shon and Teresa and we have just purchased a new to us. 2018 Boondock Lt 400. We are avid campers and previously owned a 20’ spacious trailer. While our tab is new to us we are not new to tab. Our good friends @birdyjane introduced us to the concept years ago. Teresa knew she could never downsize to fit into a [email protected] until we saw the 400. After much pondering and prayer we decided to go for it. We love to camp off the beaten path and off toad to the Boondock made sense for us. 
Also our oldest son and daughter in law own a tab and our second born son and daughter in law will be buying one. We can have our own meet ups! Lol!
Lastly, we are thinking of name our [email protected] [email protected] after our sweet lab that passed in December. 
Love this forum and have learned so much already! This is a great community and we are glad to be part of it. 


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