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    Joined this sight over a year ago. Just wanted to thank the people here for all they do. From recommendations, to problem solving to their kindness they showed to new comers. I have a 2007 striped down model Dutchman tab.  Everything seems to work just fine on my unit until today when the 12 volt didn't work. I sight reminded me of the obvious to check. Just happened to be loose wire to the for the battery shut off. Didn't know there was one as it is just wire not a switch. And thanks to this sight I will be installing one. Every thing works just as it should now. That I tighten the red wire. 
And of course thanks to my husband for explaining 12 volt to me as I do most repair myself. He is a great supervisor.
 I use to own a 1974 Apache popup hardside. But being over 64 is was just to hard to set up by myself now that my son is grown. So with a heavy heart I sold it. I loved working on it to make it my own. From adding additional storage to turning a  double bed end into a  king size to painting inside and out and applying decals and my last project to sewing an awning and recovering the cushions 
My Apache group had round-ups and we had a ball. Haven't gone thru this whole sight yet but does the TAB group have camping gatherings? If you do are new comers invited ? And are they in Calif. Our first round-up we had 28 Apache Campers. Man what a show and tell that was. We had people come from all over. Kentucky was the farthest, then Canada, Washington, Utah, Arizona. Man we had fun. So  I hope to get acquainted with new people who enjoy camping. So much for a short thank you. So take care 

  Debbie from Napa.       


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