[email protected] 400 inverter - how much can I demand

I have a new 2020 [email protected] 400 with an AIMS Power DC to AC inverter (1200W continuous power).

I would like to, occasionally, run a Black & Decker Air Station (130V, 3.3 amps) off the 110V outlet next to the AIMS control panel just inside the door. This would be in case I needed to top up a trailer tire at a rest stop.

The other day, I electrically connected my tow vehicle and started the engine. I plugged in the air station at the trailer and turned it on for a couple of seconds. It works.

But to my question: is this too much load for this inverter? It's been suggested to me that while the system is perfectly adequate for recharging a laptop, the induction motor in the air station might be pushing it. 

Anybody have an opinion on this? I've sent an email to NuCamp, but it may be awhile before I get an answer from somebody at the office, which seems to be closed because of the virus.


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