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Hello folks.  New member looking to learn as much as I can before purchasing my first RV.

I was attracted to the [email protected] 400 for a few reasons;

* the small size/portability for mini boondocking trips
* reports of a comfortable bed 
* design marriage of livability and cuteness
* a bathroom in a small package
* perceived quality of build (?)

I’m wondering as I look at older models...

Is there a summary of the little changes nûcamp has made from year to year?  e.g. they updated the A/C from CoolCat to xxxx in 2020, the changed the bed to a xxxx in this year.

Thanks much.


  • nhmikenhmike Member Posts: 56
    I can't speak to your question whether there is a list but it seems NuCamp is constantly making adjustments.  They seem to be very responsive to owners.  I have a 2016 cs-s model and love it.  I know there have been 'improvements' since our purchase but that doesn't change my experience.  Our model is ideal for us and NuCamp is a responsive company that makes efforts to provide the best customer service.  You'll enjoy your camper and the insight on this forum is awesome.  Welcome.
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    "Cuteness" has not changed in any model year.  In fact, "cuteness" has probably been improved each year. ;)

    You might have some luck searching for "2018 400" and going through each year.  You might get a good idea that way.
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  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Moderator Posts: 5,197
    @chrisinroch - check out my August 2019 post PDF in this thread.  List of changes per model year 320s and 400s.
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  • chrisinrochchrisinroch Member Posts: 4
    Exactly what I was looking for.  Much appreciated!
  • AirBossAirBoss Member Posts: 138
    Made the move from tent to [email protected] 400 in December...never looked back. Found a '19 400 Standard with 3-way fridge that was marked down considerably (slight cosmetic scratches in exterior...reparied). You know, "'20's are on their way so let's talk." Anyway, deals are out there, whether private party or dealer. 

    Obviously the major factor in determining if you're going 320 or 400 is your TV. Don't quote me but I believe the 320 CS-S is about 1000lbs lighter than the 400 on GAWR and about 120+/- lbs lighter tongue weight, so be sure to keep that in mind. And of course head room is about 10" less so if you're over about 5'10" you won't be standing up much. Flip side, it can be towed by much ligher vehicles, takes up less space in the garage (400 won't fit in "typical" garage opening), and is just a darn nice rig! Too many factors to name here RE: what criteria to use...those are all up to you and how you plan to camp. Personnally, I don't plan on doing a lot of boondocking or dry camping so those things didn't sway me...for you, that could be a major factor. 

    Can't tell you how many times folks (even those who know RV's) look into the 400 and the first thing out of their mouth is commenting on materials and craftsmanship. It's night and day compared to most any other RV out there. Good luck finding a more quality built unit. 

    Enjoy the search! Regardless of your choice, fairly certain you'll have great time getting out there! 
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  • chrisinrochchrisinroch Member Posts: 4
    Yeah, thanks.  Our tow vehicle is rated to 7500# and the tongue weight is also pretty decent. 

    For me, I love the bed being always down and the sleep system for a heavier guy like me could mean a big comfort difference???   Plus it’s just a bit more space in case we (2+ a college kid for a year or two) get rained out for a few days.
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