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Anybody seen or installed a wireless charger on the wall? I'm thinking this would be out of the way and convenient w/ power easily routed if it were mounted by the tank/light panel.  I hate the USB charger cords that inevitably lay around. I'm putting a list together of mods based on reading this forum but waiting to use our soon to be arriving 320S BD before cutting into it!
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    Hi Mark..we are getting the same model trailer and year tomorrow. Not wanting to distract from your question, but what other mods are you doing?
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    I didn't install a wireless charger but I did install a fast USB charger.

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  • MarkAlMarkAl Member Posts: 20
    Wiser people than I have suggested to wait a season before cutting into the trailer. That said we rented a 2017 for a week on Vancouver Island and learned a lot about efficient storage but the phone charging cables seemed to be always messy and so easily cleaned up with the charger.  My biggest interest will be in establishing realistic power usage w/ the electric fridge and available charging w/ the 130 Watt roof array and a small 75 AH battery. Based on normal charge rates and usage I'll look into a suitcase supplimental array and 2 6V GC2 batteries. My wife's area will be establishing efficient storage solutions. W/ the Covid mess, we'll be evaluating this in our driveway it looks like. We have a S/N and expect end of next week for delivery.
    Snohomish WA
    2001 Cherokee w/ 320S Boondock
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