Here is a big thumbs up for contributors like Hr_Taly. I am pretty handy but his documentation of replacement of the kitchen sink faucet saved me a ton of time and effort. Thanks again!


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    We've lost a great writer for the forum, like that scene with the mansplaining customers at the hardware store all shouting over each other.  DW has been there soooo many times.
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    @Hr_Taly knew they would only be here for a limited time as they were temporarily assigned to the US for their job. I believe they were from Ireland and they special ordered the [email protected] for their specific needs. And then came the marvelous mods. It’s amazing what they did in such a short period of time. The [email protected] is now owned by someone who is a member here. 

    (At times I thought this owner was female, at times a male....please excuse the “they” and “their” references above.)
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    In a followup message below HR_Taly's original faucet replacement description, she describes herself as "a foreign woman" in the hardware store where 3 men gave different advice at the same time.  Also one of her photos showed longish fingernails.
    I was impressed by her determination & inspired me to do that mod too.
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