making an internal battery box for a tab 400 2019 210

I just got delivery of a replacement battery box for my Tab. Mine had a hole carved in oi by nucamp to clear the bed lid. They sent me a replacement. It just a soft plastic 4 sided box. The wooden floor and bed sidewall make up the other two sides.
I also want to fit another pair of 6v gc2 golf cart batteries to bring my capacity up to 400 AH. I was thinking to make the double size box out of plywood with a lucite lid.
Anyone know if that is a bad idea for any reason? Ill bore a hole in the back to refit the battery outside vent. My battery cables from the battery terminal box back to the power center are already uprated and the breaker is a 60Amp.


  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 470
    Just use the two boxes, the AGM batteries do not out gas, so the hole,in the old box can accommodate the jumper wires.  If the battery box is in the side cargo,compartment, move both to the center compartment under the bunk, add a new bulkhead to keep them in place.  Here is a late 2019 installation.
    Or just make a double box like this.  Side effect is reducing your tongue weight
    Down side is loss of storage space here.

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  • Tundra57Tundra57 Member Posts: 434
    @Denny16 . You are always a wealth of knowledge. My batteries are already under the bed by the inverter. So ill mount the new ones right there.
    Before I take my battery cover apart, do you know what part number golf cart batteries are there? I have a 2019 Tab, I think they are Harris 200Ah 6v AGM each, which seem to be obsolete. There are similar size batteries I think the generic type is GC2. They are quite short only 8.5". But id like to get the extra batteries before i start taking the old battery cover apart.

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