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Hi there. Have a 2020 [email protected] and a complicated parking situation. Very tricky to try and park it by myself so I am considering a dolly. Does anyone have a particular model they are using and are satisfied with? 
I appreciate any recommendations. 
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    Something to consider while researching is the degree of slope of your driveway. I found that most powered dollies could not handle the 12° slope of mine. And you REALLY do not want to try to push your trailer uphill by yourself with a manual dolly. Apps are available for smartphones so you can take a measurement. If your driveway is very flat, you’ll have a lot more options.

    Several of us have the permanently installed, remote controlled Purpleline trailer mover and love it. I unhitch on the road (on a 6° slant) and then use the remote to drive the trailer up a steep, curved driveway bordered by a rock wall, and into a carport that’s angled to that wall in such a way that I won’t even try to park my car in there. It would be literally impossible without the Purpleline. It’s also incredibly useful for hitching, and for maneuvering into campsites. I absolutely will never own another trailer without it.

    The only disadvantage (aside from cost) is that it attracts an audience
       ...time. 😁

    Still worth it, best mod I’ve done.

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  • MouseketabMouseketab Member Posts: 1,093 Enduro Power Mover. Best invention ever!!!
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    Only downside of the Enduro mover is that you loose quite a lot of ground clearance.  If this an issue for you, consider the Quattro mover (also from

    This sits snug against the frame and you only loose about 1.5" of clearance.
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    You don't say which model trailer you have.  I have 320, and a basic manual trailer dolly from Amazon. My parking area space has a very small slope.  I used to move the trailer around by hand and it was ok, but the dolly makes it massively easier.   Did take a bit of practice,  but totally worth it.
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    Thank you everyone for your responses. Really looking forward to hitting the road with my [email protected] 320. We don’t have much of a slope but we live on a single lane road with a hard 90% turn into the parking area I wasn’t taking her out much because I was afraid I would get stuck blocking the only access to the spit. 
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    2020 [email protected] 320 Boondock
    Factory Victron Solar, Norcold 3 way Fridge
    Clueless about everything electronic
    2020 Subaru Ascent 
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    Has anyone used the Trailer Valet RVR3 model?  I’m thinking of getting this with the ball mount attachment for use to get [email protected] into a 90 degree tight garage. 
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    I use a two wheel dolly with a ball hitch that I purchased at Harbor Freight. It's kind of cheap and has even started to bend a little, but as long as I keep air in the tires it does the job. I am on a flat surface but I have pulled it to the beginning of our hill and it scared me because I felt I could lose it, if I let it get momentum. Keep some chucks handy. 
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