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So, I am a bit perplexed and unclear of results produced by my Victron BMV.  My set up: 2 @ Crown 6volt (GC2) batteries(in series) 235AH, Victron BMV 712.

The battery manufacturer and industry “norm” state that the maximum “charged battery” value is 14.2 and thus to input this value in the so titled field in the bmv setup screen. Both the [email protected] converter AND my regular car battery charger(capable of 12/6 volt, Regular, AGM & deep cycle charging, as well as various amp levels) will not charge my topped off batteries at anything greater then 13.3 volts.

so my question is, if I keep the bmv value at 14.2, will the SOC % ever truly be 100%, or should I decrease the “charged voltage” value in the BMV settings to 13.3, or does it matter? I currently have 14.2 entered in the settings, and my SOC %is 100%. This further perplexes me... I have not yet engaged Victron with this question, thought I would start here...

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    whirl While 14.2 VDC is max charged up level, you need a charger capable of charging the battery to,that level.  Since you do not have solar, I would set the max charge level to what you battery is charged to, 13.3 (13.5) VDC.  We set our BMV712 to 13.5 VDC max charge level, and it seems to be working fine.  Occasionally the solar will get the battery to 13.75+/- VDC.
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    @Denny16 I do have solar, for off grid use, but keeping it out of the equation for purposes of this discussion.

    the point is, if I set the Charged Voltage value to 14.2, in theory, at 13.3, the SOC% should read ~92.5%. I don’t get this reading, thus my question me being perplexed.
    TV- '16 Chevy Colorado LT Crew Cab-DuraMax
    2018 320S Outback
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