Installation of Soft Start for the Cool Cat A/C 2018 [email protected]

I follow several RV blogs and other forums and have noticed a product for the A/C to allow to use on smaller generators and reduce the compressor start up clunk.  After the you tube videos and reading reviews I placed my order for the Soft Start product.  Shortly I had other questions so I submitted a inquiry ticked to the vendor.  Within an hour I had an email and phone call.  the email matched the phone number so I returned the call.  I got a customer service tech who at one time was a Senior Design Engineer for Dometic and knows the Cool Cat well.  We talked for some time and he answered my questions.  He told me to give him a call back when I got my unit and he would walk me through the install.  While I waited for the delivery, I got the cool cat cabinet opened up ,  removing the duct tubes and the galvanized corner panel that covers the electronics.  Also while I had some time, I relocated the thermostat from the original position by the door to beside the closet are under the light switch.  A week later about 5pm UPS delivered my Soft Start.  I called the service tech and 15 minutes later it was installed.  Replacing the cover and installing the ducts time to fire it up.  powered it up and it worked!  After letting it run in for about 30 minutes I have noticed the compressor clunk that was there before in no longer noticeable.

I have no plans at this time to use a generator, but the reviews and videos say that it works with the small generators and I so no reason that it won't do it.  There are only 5 wires that you need to connect and no taking apart of the A/C to install.  The company and service tech have both been excellent to deal with. 

I have no interest nor ownership in or within the company and am not a salesman for them.  They however do offer spiffs for anyone sending additional customers.  If any one is interested, message me and I can provide additional information.

2018 [email protected] 400, 2017 Nissan Titan Crew cab


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    Nice job, I have been interested in this product, I also watched the UTube videos, I do plan to get the Honda 2200i and this wood make running the A/C more doable.  Good to know it also quiets the compressor startup and operation.  Thanks for posting your experience.  I will let you know when I plan on getting one, probably not until next spring.
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