Dreaming of the Possibilities

We have a [email protected] 320 CS-S.

We love it.  We like the outdoor kitchen and the indoor bathroom.  It pulls very easy and has nice indoor storage.
While we slept wheel to wheel for 21 days on a big trip this past summer, I am in the midst of a modified twin bed setup with a fold-up shelf on the passenger side that will extend the bed by about 12 inches.  My DW is quite comfortable with sleeping at an angle on the driver side.  This actually lets us keep a small walking space between the two beds which makes going to the bathroom in the middle of the night much easier for both of us and also aids making the beds.  It also makes rolling our bedding up and converting to a seating/table area easy.  It does mean that the bed on my side is rather narrow, but that doesn't bother me at all.  It also means that the exit door has been hampered - not completely but I have to think it virtually puts us "out of code" by restricting the exit.  It is fold-able but that is extra time to exit.  Though we haven't tried it yet, I believe this mod is really going to work well.

However, as I am doing all these things, the thought occurred to me.  Look at all the trailers and fifth-wheels and even large motor homes with slide outs.  Some of them have multiple slide outs.

Would a small slide out or even a hinged fold out on the side of the [email protected] 320 be that difficult or expensive to do?  I'm thinking of a rectangular space that would in essence extend the wheel to wheel sleeping space just a little bit.   Obviously you can put a hole in those walls as there is already a window on both sides and the back has a hatch.  The space would be about the width of the bed (although it could certainly be smaller than that), on a level with the bed and tall enough to accommodate two pair of feet.

As I have been reading, I sense that a number of people have shied away from the 320-CS on account of the bed length and yet would have really preferred that trailer. 

Your thoughts?


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