Tab 400 clears 97" ceiling space

PedroPedro Member Posts: 3
Here's a mod I came up with to store our Tab 400 in our warehouse.  Started with a pair of 6" 150# blind flanges I got off ePray, drilled the 5 on 4.5"  bolt holes and the center hub then glued some 1/4" rubber matting around the perimeter of each disc for rolling ease on the concrete floor.  The disc/wheel is approx 11.5" OA and leaves about 3/8" clearance from the brake drum to the floor, maybe less.  The green stretch-wrap I put on to keep the rubber in place after applying contact cement - then just left it on.  Next time they come off I'll apply a coat of paint to make them look nicer.  I have about $ 275 in them but it beats paying rental for storage.  So we're keeping the [email protected], it sat in front of our house last year and that's not allowed in our neighborhood, used the Conflu excuse to keep code enforcement at bay for a couple of months.


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