What does model year 2022 have in store?

I missed out on ability to order the TAB 400 I want for this model year as dealers in my area have already placed last allocated orders.  My understanding is NuCamp will transfer to MY21 in July.  Any one have any idea when they typically begin to take orders for new model year?  Any intel on what changes might be in the works?  I am really hoping for 12v compressor fridge option where the current 3 way propane fridge is now that would be bigger than the current 2.3 cu ft model.
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  • CharlieRNCharlieRN Member Posts: 222
    Don't know the answer on the nuCamp model year changeover, but we put our order in for a 2021 [email protected] 320 back in August.
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    Last summer, , the RV Industry Association Board of Directors approved a recommended best practice on RV model year changeover in an effort to improve the RV buying experience. Going forward, annual model year and major product design changes will be released during the summer—between July 1 and August 31 each year, which nüCamp is going to use going forward.  

    So the 2022 model year release will be later this summer.
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