Looking for a [email protected] TXL, preferably in the New England region. Any leads would be appreciated.


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    One was just listed for sale here about a week ago .........VERY rare to see that ! Its located in Annapolis Maryland . If its still available , its worth the ride as you wont likely find many other for sale !
    We considered it for a brief moment, but realized, its still smaller than we were looking for. 


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    Thank you, I did see that and may ask.
    Truthfully, I’ve never actually been in a [email protected] and am also a bit concerned they may be too small so I haven’t jumped at it. I was extremely interested in one during the height of the pandemic  It was 8K and only an hour away. I stalled because of the travel restrictions and by the time I had decided to go a week later it was gone. Kicking myself now over that. 
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    I know this is a few weeks old, but added for those like @KamPer, who may be interested in a [email protected]  From what I have seen, the [email protected] is a little bit larger than a TaB400, with end front and back more squared off to give a larger cabin feeling with more open space.  With its side dinette layout (TXL model), and front large bunk, it allows sleeping for two adults and two kids or one additional adult.  A wet bath shower and cassette toilet are located next to the galley in the rear.  At 18.5 feet long, it is only slightly longer than a 400.  With two cabin floor plan options, one similar to a TaB U and the other with a side dinette, which gives more sleeping options.

    The [email protected] has an exterior height of just 7’11” – it can be stowed in most garages!
    The exterior length is 18’5″ and width 6’7″, so lower and a little narrower than a TaB400.

    Here are the floor plans and some interior shots of the TXL model:

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