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Tabaz Tabaz Member Posts: 1,999
Just finished watching Nomadland.  Highly recommend this movie. Draw your own conclusions as to its message.
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  • Tabaz Tabaz Member Posts: 1,999
    It deals with Boondocking, living full-time in a van. Working seasonally for Amazon.  Being a camp host. Cleaning campsites. Being alone while growing older. Foregoing relationships for "freedom."  
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  • DougHDougH Member Posts: 1,071
    @Tabaz   So just a bleak enough message to make you give up RVing completely then...
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  • ChrisFixChrisFix Member Posts: 503
    While it deals with all of the topics listed by @Tabaz it also deals with people surviving the best they can with the loss of loved ones, jobs, homes...and finding a new community that helps to rebuild their spirit from all that loss. 
    It ain't all pretty, but heck, a whole lot of people really deal with this every day.
    Like @Tabaz says, draw your own conclusions as to its message. 

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  • Tabaz Tabaz Member Posts: 1,999
    DougH  and ChrisFix - my takeaway from the movie was a very positive message about a nomadic lifestyle.  Without giving away any specifics (and attempting to be a "Movie Critic"), I found the actions of the main character to be . . . . I'll leave it up to others how they interpret the movie.  WELL WORTH the $1.80 I spent on Redbox!  Unlike the three recent ultra-crappy Bruce Willis movies I rented. :(
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  • MarcelineMarceline Member Posts: 1,001
    It’s well worth watching. Frances McDormand is brilliant. And it’s very interesting how the movie mixes a few actors with actual full timers like Bob Wells. 
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  • cbarnhillcbarnhill Member Posts: 325
    I loved it. The acting was great and, like Frank, I thought the message was uplifting. Having been to badlands, wall drugs and quartzsite, I identified with it. I highly recommend watching it. 
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