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I just took a two-night trip around the Cascade Loop in Washington state. I learn something from every trip I take. Takeaways from this trip were:
  1. Always take your electrical and water hook-ups with you even if you plan to boondock--plans can change. 
  2. Look carefully at the rest area signage -- the RV dump station may not be located on the same side as the RV parking, grrr. WHY??????
  3. Always use the ventilation fan when using the inside stove -- don't count on open window to provide enough ventilation to keep the smoke detector from going off (so embarrassing). 
  4. Check the bottom of your cooking pans before putting them on the stove to make certain nothing flammable is stuck to them (facepalm).
What I haven't figured out is:  why boiling water for my morning coffee can set off the smoke detector but somehow burning plastic did not?  The mysteries of the universe.  All was well in the end, no people or pets were injured.

Photo at Washington Pass, North Cascades Highway (Hwy 20).

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