2021 Tab 320s Repairing caulking around roof vent

TommySaxTommySax Member Posts: 5
Hi. I need to re-caulk around my roof vent. I bought some self-levelling caulking recommended by my dealer. Anyone know if I can safely climb up on the roof of the 320 without causing it any damage. I weigh about 170lbs. Thanks!


  • VernaVerna Member Posts: 6,918
    @TommySax, no, please do not climb on your roof. It is aluminum, with aluminum struts supporting it and it will bend, dent and look very nasty!

    Someone said Austin, nüCamp repair keeps thick 4” foam rubber to put underneath the workers when they work on the roofs. I have not tried that. 

    What I have done in the past was to put a folded flannel quilt between a ladder and the plastic trim of the [email protected], have someone hold the bottom of the ladder so it didn’t kick out, and I have leaned over the roof to install the AeroFlow vent cover. No dents, nothing broken. 
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    I’ve used a moving blanket with a sheet of foam insulation (from Home Depot) over that and it seemed to work. Just avoid putting point loads on the roof like elbows, knees, etc. the aluminum skin is very susceptible to dents and it isn’t attached to the aluminum support ribs. There’s a thin foam insulation in between them and that will compress with enough pressure. Our 400 came from the factory with 4 slight dings in the roof so even Nucamp’s workers can’t avoid denting it. 
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    Here's how I do it, by distributing weight between the two side walls, not on the roof itself..

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