Apple Pie in a Toaster Oven

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If you can afford the storage space, I highly recommend keeping a small toaster oven in your Tab400.  I have the BlacknDecker Crisp’n Bake Air-Fry Toaster Oven. $40 from Walmart.

This past weekend, we camped with friends and had Friendsgiving Dinner.  Deep fried bird, all the trimmings and a freshly baked, scratch made apple pie.

I was highly skeptical of doing any real baking in a toaster oven, but I am quite impressed by this little unit.  Besides making a 7” round, half sized pie, I also made an 8x8 square.  Both baked to perfection.

I had my oven set up outside on a table under the awning, but I certainly could have kept it indoors, too.

I can see where having a toaster oven will provide an awful lot of versatility to camp meals.  Of course, shore power is required, but I always have my fireside Dutch oven if I feel like roughing it.


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