scratches on exterior of Sofitel

I need ideas on how to repair the exterior surface of my 2016 320 Sofitel.  I just discovered this nasty patch of scratches on the rear at about eye level (I'm 5/4").  It's 6.5 inches wide (photo is close up). I snapped this at an angle that shows them the darkest, it appears to have gone well through the outer gel coat.  I have no idea what did this. It looks like maybe something fell against it and then fell to the side. It's also very slightly dented.  I was camping this weekend for two nights just 30 minutes from home and I didn't back into anything; the campsite was one of the easiest to back into I've ever had. No trees or bushes behind the trailer. I think this might even have happened after I got home but again, I don't know how.  Suggestions for repair?


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