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I want to get a small portable inflator/compressor for our T@B 320 but am concerned if the ones I am finding can inflate all the way up to 50PSI. When I search the forum all I can find is discussions about dewinterizing.
For example, would any of these small ones work?

FORTEM Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor:


EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor:


Any thoughts, tips or ideas?


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    @ShaunD We went with the Ryobi one + (model P747).  It easily inflated the tires to 50 psi.  We also have a Ryobi impact driver we use on the stabilizers and our BAL leveler, and a Ryobi hand held vacuum (model P7131D).  Our goal is to be able to have multiple tools that use a common battery.  For us this combo is working well
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    Thanks for your tip Towhee. I was hoping for something cheaper though...
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    We have a Harbor Freight 12 volt 100 PSI High Volume Inflator ($38).  It doesn't have auto shutoff or a digital gauge but gets the job done.
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    My "rule of thumb" is to avoid any compressor that plugs into a 12V power socket. The relatively low amps that the outlets provide limits the power of the compressor motor and in turn the compressor itself. Second, the outlet actually has to work and not blow the fuse. Reaching the tire can be a challenge as well, the Fortem lists 10 ft of power cord and less than 2ft of air hose. That doesn't go anywhere on a full size pickup. Also note that these compressors typically don't list any CFM. 
    Harbor Freight has a model for $70 that looks a little more useful (no personal experience). The specs are similar to the Masterflow 1050 I have which is not available right now. 
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    We also wanted something small and inexpensive but I am not sure that product really exists and can also be reliable. So we went with the Viair 88P and picked one that clamps to the TV battery for the reasons @Grumpy_G mentions. If you have to plug a flat in some out of the way place you have to have the pressure and flow needed to fill a whole tire or wait for a tow. We got the mid priced one and have been happy. As a test we had three large river tubes we filled in just 3-4 min each with it this summer, and the compressor did not overheat or overwork at all. Good peace of mind and more useful that I thought it would be. It is more than adequate for blowing out lines too. Here is a good review.


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    I have used a bicycle pump before to flush the trailer lines.  👍🏻
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    We used the small Harbor Freight 12 volt model to refill a flat on our '19 Ranger (that we repaired at the campground) without any issues.  I agree with @Grumpy_G that I wouldn't use it blow out water lines.
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    I have one of these little Kensun's for tire inflating.  Works well, nicely designed, runs off 12V or 110v, handles the trailer tires well. 
    The little Viairs work really well.  ( I have the older 70P). Stronger than the Kensun (or any of the "inflators") with a small tank, and a long 12V cord.  I did a test a few weeks ago with it plugged into the trailer, and it worked.  Faster than the Kensun, but The max draw is 15 amps.  I tried it several times on the trailer tires, and it worked each time without blowing the 12V fuse.  It also works to blow out the lines of the trailer for winterizing.  I'm not trying to inflate a blimp.  These little Viairs do the job. 

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    I got the Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor in 2015 and it's still going strong. Also got a the 6' extension specifically for the viair and it reaches from my truck to the trailer tires. Have used it on both and can't be happier. 

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    I'm using the Harbor Freight (the model with battery clips, not 12V socket)...and it works great. Has been reliable over the past 18 months, and can fill large tires quickly - and is relatively inexpensive at $50.

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    Towhee said:
    @ShaunD We went with the Ryobi one + (model P747). 

    Ryobi has a hand held model P737D that's on sale.

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    We got a Dewalt DCC020IB. Not cheap but if someone is looking, this one has worked great so far. It runs on 12v or a Dewalt battery. Also got a 6ft extension cable. We can use the tow vehicles 12 plug or the campers in an emergency. We picked this one because we wanted a way to inflate things other than just tires. And the High Volume option is great for air mattresses or floating tubes. 
    It does not come with the battery so it's a good choice if you already have a Dewalt impact tool that you're carrying with you. 
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    Thanks for all the helpful tips.
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    I have that little Ryobi. It's slow and could take quite a while to fill a flat tire especially as the air tube heats up with extended use. It's been great for adding several pounds of pressure to my tires though.
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    I originally had the Ryobi P737 but replaced with the Ryobi P747 (attached pic instead. It has both low pressure (great for floaters and tubes) and high pressure mode (for tires) plus it deflates too. I have a ton of Ryobi cordless tools for both home and camping use. Besides this inflator, I also use a Ryobi drill with attachments to raise and lower stabilizers and trailer jack as well as to drive and 10in long lag screws in ground when putting up EZUP canopy (really holds) and removing them when taking it down (a lot easier than tent stakes. Also have nice Ryobi portable fan, small blower, vacuum and their small Bluetooth speaker. They all use the same batteries. I bring an extra battery and charger too and keep it all in the outside accessible storage hatch. 
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    AnOldUR said:
    Towhee said:
    @ShaunD We went with the Ryobi one + (model P747). 

    Ryobi has a hand held model P737D that's on sale.

    I have this one too. I use it to top off my tires and it works fine. Much like rcarlson1957 and some others here, I have the Ryobi drill for the stabilizers, a small fan which is very quiet and plan to get additional Ryobi tools as needed.

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    I have used a bicycle pump before to flush the trailer lines.  👍🏻
    I was wondering if a bicycle pump would work.  Will give it a try.
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    What are you using the pump for?  If it is to top off tire pressure when needed, I carry a decent bike pump for mountain bikes. It will inflate to 50 psi, has decent volume so it won’t take forever, and it requires no batteries. I never have had a need for it but I’ve helped out several friends who ended up with a slow leak. I just keep it in a gear box in our pickup so I have it all the time. 
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    We've been using the Viair 400P-RV for a few years now and love it. It's powerful and bulletproof.
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