2022 Tab400 leaking when using Black tank flush

Oh wise ones, help a newbie out please.   This morning we used the black tank flush for the 2nd time.   And for the 2nd time water was leaking from underneath the tab in multiple locations.   It was between a leak and a gush.   Water was coming out under the Nautilus box (I think that's what you call the place with with the knobs where you the hose goes into the black flush).  It was also leaking from both sides on the front of the unit.    I don't think this is normal.

knob things were on on dry camp.  We hooked up the hose to the black flush thing, opened the black tank lever. Turned on the water.   We could hear it in the black tank flush and water (and some toilet paper) was coming out of the sewer hose.     But water was also coming out a lot of other places too.   

What are we doing wrong?   Is it operator error or is there an issue with the Tab?   Help!


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    @amyllf2 - there are several threads established regarding black tank flush leaks.  Please do a “Search”.  
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    Sorry I did but didn't see anything on leaks outside.  I will try again
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    @amyllf2  - It is likely that the connections behind the Nautilus are loose.  Have you looked at that area?
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    We have only had it 16 days so we have no idea what to even look for.  i will tell my husband and have him check.  thanks. 
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    I have to just say that sometimes "newbies" can be overwhelmed with all things new that come with learning to camp and learning how the wonderfully complex [email protected] functions. I think it may be a challenge for them to "just do a search" when even knowing what to search for could be a challenge for someone completly unfamiliar with their new [email protected]  I think when asked we should always offer assistance rather than telling them to do a search. I think you can also factor in panic when something appears to be really wrong and you want help fast.   I'm about to take delivery of my third [email protected], but I remember the days when I didn't know what to search for. 
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    I had a black tank flush leaking problem on my first (and only) try, it’s at the dealership now for diagnostics. My leak came out mostly by the rear stabilizers on 2021 400 Boondock. I unscrewed and opened up all the cubbies under the bed and had water in the the cubbies under the head of the bed( which is behind the Nautilus panel that you connected your hose to) and the center cubby. 

    Then turned on the black tank flush hose again and saw it coming out the blue hoses 90 degree joints. Most people who have had a leaking problem found that the tightener on the inside of the Nautilus blank tank was loose and just needed to be tightened. Mine was different.

    Im assuming you have the Nautilus P3 on your 2022? Google the Nautilus P3 and download the User Instructions, go to “Tank Flush”, and it will show you a picture of how the knobs should be set. I don’t think it should be set to Dry Camping
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    My understanding is that the Nautilus settings are irrelevant for the black tank flush line. It runs directly from the hose connection to the tank.

    Several owners of new 2021 Tab 400 trailers have reported leaks at the black tank Nautilus connection. The leaking water spreads all over because the trailer floor underlies the Nautilus compartment and the plumbing. I would take your trailer back to the dealer and have the leak repaired under your warranty. That’s what I did.
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    The inside Nautilus connections can be accessed under the driver's side portion of the bed where the Alde lives. You may need to remove the screws holding the cover panel down.
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    Many of us here (and on Facebook) have had this issue. It's a quick and easy fix. Like @ColoradoSun mentioned, just remove that panel under the bed and tighten the connection behind the panel. In addition I would check any other accessible hand-tightened connection. I had the Hepvo valve under the kitchen sink leak because it wasn't tight as well. Not sure how/why Nucamp is still having these issues. 
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